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MFDB Financial is a private lending group located in Boca Raton FL, that funds business financing to businesses. We began funding to companies as a private lender after learning the difficulties many businesses experience when searching for business financing. The biggest difficulty we noticed companies face is meeting a traditional financial institution’s qualification requirements, even though their business was producing enough to afford an investment; or waiting weeks even months to receive the funds.

The mission goal was to simplify the process, reduce the time it takes to transfer funds, and offer businesses a fair opportunity to apply for working capital. We strategically planned our qualification requirements to qualify a business based off its revenue stability, growth, and positive cash flow; rather than relying on creditworthiness. We also reduced the requirement of years in operations to work with companies as new as 6 months - compared to traditional financial institutions, which normally require 2-5 years in operation.

In the end we found the best way to earn business was to fund competitively and qualify fairly.

We now accept business applications with credit scores as low as 500 to nothing, work with companies as new as 6 months, and maintained an average loan approval rate of 92%.

It's difficult for a company to make money without investing into supplies, products, advertisement, or other business expenses - which is why working capital can be very beneifitcal and imperative for a business. Because of this, it's important to work and choose the right financial partner rather than just a "lender".

The reason why, all lenders including MFDB Financial, has access to millions of dollars worth of funding and can offer competitive rates. However, the difference between all lenders is the process - which is the most important factor for any company seeking business financing.

MFDB Financial prioritzed in making our funding process simple and quick; but more importantly, the ability to tailor to all industries. Our funding process from starting to end can take up to 3 days - from receiving the application, to making a decision, to transferring the funds. Unlike traditional banks, it can take weeks to hear a decision, months to recieve the funds, and require a mountainess amount of documentation for qualification. In a business environment where time is money, this process doesn't benefit a company as well as how MFDB Financial can.

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